New years

This post is just more proof that I suck at taking pictures these days! I will try to improve. We spent new years at my brother’s place like we did the year before. Had a great time with amazing food. Wish I had more pics from the night now that I blog once in a while again :)

I was super happy to see a blue sky again the other day. I can’t wait for spring and summer!!

Christmas 2018

I notice I took waaay more pictures when I was really into this blog back in the days. I managed to take some this christmas though. The girls and I had a great time, a chill christmas with lots of quality time together. I had to work some days but was able to have home office which was nice :)


Who gets the almond ?

Waiting for santa

The night before christmas eve. My nerds :)

Been a while!!

I’m so bad at this blogging thing and I honestly dont even feel like exposing much of our lives anymore anyway. We’re doing great tho! :) BUT, the girls LOVE the blog and started complaining about my lack of blogging... sooooo, here’s a random post with random pics from the last 6 months or so..lol.


The girls and I finally went on a girls-trip a little while ago. Well deserved if I have to say so myself. The girls have been going on vacays to their dad and with their dad, but it’s been a few years since the 3 of us went on a trip. We had an AMAZING time in Mallorca, an island outside of Spain. The hotel was PERfect for kids, the weather was perfect and we couldn’t be happier. On the planeride back to Norway, Elissa had tears falling down her eyes and I asked her what’s wrong and she said I don’t wanna leave Mallorca, Mallorca is my best friend That pretty much sums up how awesome our vacation was. We spend time together every day, but it was nice to get away from the get up early for school, homework, handball practice etc and just enjoy some quality time together somewhere else. They were perfect travel-buddies and I just pray we can take trips like this every year from now on! I am blessed beyond measure with these little lovebugs. I know I gave birth to them but they literally give me life!

Just landed in Mallorca.

Girls-trip. La familia. Just the 3 of us. Quality time

They were in the pool ALL the time. Half human half fish. Mermaids :)

Going out for dinner ever night. Could not have had better company! Blessed!

My lovebugs! How blessed amI ??!!!

By the hotel. Our spot


Old town

Elissa trying to run away, does not wanna go back home

Since my last post...

Here are some pics

Skiing with morfar

BK in Trondheim before they left for Oslo (easter break)

Airport next

Off they go

Girl’s night with grandma

Fashion forward..lol


Birthday girl! 7 years with this amazing little human!! Im forever in love

Made by Ayana

Out and about

Gone fishing

Winter break

The kids just had a week off from school. The olympic games were on our TV alot. I’m a sports-junkie, so we did spend some time watching that. Kinda happy it’s over now! We did do other things too, a few pics to prove it are on the way. We had a great time together and I love having a bunch of cuddle-time and late mornings with my fave two people!

Pizza-date with this one while Ayana was at a birthday party

We love our walks!

Bowling! Always leads to drama tho, cause there can only be one winner......

We are manifesting a trip to Bora Bora here. Umbrella-drinks and all!

Pool-time (until we make it to the beach on Bora Bora)



Before and after...

80’s disco queen. Dress up in school today

Dec 2017

I might as well upload a few pictures from christmas too...


New years at my brother and Linn’s new house

Finally! I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year and a half ago. I have finally given up gluten (hard thing to give up) and I feel better than ever!!

I had to...

....post some pics of their first handball tournament a few weeks ago. They were so happy, excited and proud. They got their first medal too, so they had a great time.

On the way to Tynset this weekend. Cabin-trip

I think this is the end...

Not that I blog alot these days, but I think it might be time for me to stop this whole blogging-thing. I might start a new private blog just for the kids to have cause I know they love the blog. I just dont feel like having random people or people I have no respect for being able to see the life of my kids and myself. Enough writing though, here are a few pics

Elissa’s birthday! Can’t believe my princess is 8 already!!

Monica og Camilla

Okay da...

Et lite innlegg igjen. Er litt lei av utlevere livet egentlig...ikke at jeg har lagt ut s mye p bloggen i det siste, men dog. MEN, s sitter Elissa og Ayana p data'n n og ser tilbake p bilder p bloggen og synes det er skikkelig stas, s jeg fant ut at jeg m slenge ut noen bilder. The show must go on. Lol.

Bttur til Tarva med onkel Rune m/fam tidligere i hst

Tante Linn

Picture from my friend in Oslo

Finally some time in Trondheim with friends again. I always thought Trondheim was too small but I appreciate that place a lot more after living in the middle of nowhere for too long.

Saturday stroll with the loves of my life

Selfie queen, nothing else to do out here..lol

My cuddle buddies are THE best!! They are my life

Pizzadate before the movies. Some people don't ever find true love. I'm blessed with TWO!!


Finally, the day was here! Ayana started school. Can't believe I have a 1st and 3rd grader already. Time flies. Ayana did great. She's BEEN ready for school. Elissa had a great time too, came home and said she LOves school. After school Ayana got to pick out a place to eat, so we went to the pizza place she picked out and had dinner and ice cream to celebrate our first-grader. Came back home and did homework for the first time. Proud mommy :)

Ayana wanted morfar to come along for her first day at school

Done for the day



First, a little blog post with pics from saturday. Theme park it was. Fun and exhausting at the same time. We made it through just before the heavy rain came on saturday evening. Was raining nonstop pretty much until monday. Here are some flicks

Summer 2017 part 2

More pics from our summer

Addicted to red these days!

Summertime fun

Chillin in the cabin

Summer 2017 part 1

As always, been too long since I updated. The summer is almost over so I thought I'd post some pics from the summer. I probably have to do more than 1 post, but at least I'm starting now. The kids started off their summer in Oslo with their dad. I went to Crete with my sister for a week. After that I pretty much just waited to get my babies back. Lonely without my loves! They had a great time with their dad this summer though and that's all that matters. They've been home with me for a month now and we've had an awesome time together. They have fallen in love with fishing after getting lessons from my dad and uncle. Fishing poles are on their wish-list. Here are some pics:

Off to Oslo they went

First day in Crete

Facetime with my crew

Me and sis in law Linn at Tonje's birthday


My nephews with their grandpa

The day before I get my BABIES back! T-town

Ready for dinner with my bestie

FINALLY, they came back!!


Spent the day in Trondheim with my sister Aina and her daughter Kamilla

At the hotel

Sooo cuuute

Back in Fosen

Coolest kids

Had some bad weather before weeks of sun arrived

With Morfar


The Fam!

Back again!

Haha, jeg er s drlig nr det kommer til denne bloggen! Men jeg kommer innom med bilder innimellom da. Bedre sent enn aldri! Her er bilder fra den siste tiden. Livet p landet fortsetter...

Neighborhood atm

Strawberries with melted chocolate

We went on that hike again.

Bbq at Tonje's place

Birthday at my aunt Karin


The kids and I went hiking today. Such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect for a hike. I honestly wasn't sure if they would make it to the top, but they never wanted to give up and to the top we went. Couldn't be more proud of my little girls. We had a great day together and we definitely need more days like this. Spring and summer please be nice to us this year cause Norway ain't too bad when it's sunny :)

The loves of my life!!

Mine kjreste kjre var i Oslo/Krsand med pappa'n sin i pska. Godt med litt alenetid, men det ble ensomt i lengden s det var s godt f de tilbake igjen p torsdag morgen. They make my life! Ayana hadde innskriving p skolen p fredag. Enn at minstesnupp har blitt s stor! Alle aldre har sin sjarm og innimellom savner jeg tiden de var sm men samtidig s er det S gy n nr de er strre og alle samtalene vi har. Jeg ler s jeg griner innimellom for det er som sitte med homegirls'n hvor vi diskuterer og snakker om absolutt alt. I freakin love it. Kunne ikke blitt mer heldig. Jeg er ikke akkurat kjent for vre den med mye flaks, men akkurat nr det kommer til barna har jeg hatt det til gangs. Blessed!!

Bursdagsmiddag med snuppene fr Oslotur

Flytur alene nok engang



Ble en liten hyttetur i pska

Innskriving p skole

Randoms part 100.000

Denne bloggen as...glemmer den litt (ofte). Tiden gr fort da....tar jo litt bilder innimellom..og her kommer de. Me and my homegirls ;)

We looooove to cuddle. All 3 of us! The girls are sooo affectionate and full of loving words, it gets me through everything. I'm blessed to have them. It can be hard raising them pretty much by myself but I do get all the love, hugs and kisses times two as well :)

Such a beautiful day. Bbq by the ocean!

Dinner date

She loves to read

Waiting at the movies

Randoms again!

En liten post med random pics igjen da. Orker som vanlig ikke skrive s masse om livet osv generelt. Ikke mye spennende som skjer dessverre, men heldigvis har jeg verdens beste crew hvertfall! De snuppene mine er helt fantastiske. De drive me crazy at times, can't lie...MEN, de er de snilleste, kuleste, fineste, beste, flinkeste og morsomste personene jeg noensinne har mtt, no lie! S vi koser oss sammen vi 3 hvertfall! They are my lifesavers for real!!! Here are the pics

She lost another tooth!

De l over til bestevenninna si i Trheim i vinterferien. Stooor stas!

Pirategirl in daycare

Daycare sent me this pic:)


Dagene p hytta p Tynset i vinterferien fortjener et eget innlegg. Det var heeeelt fantastisk p fjellet. Vi dro dit p tirsdag i vinterferien, jeg og jentene og Tonje med sine gutter. Hadde knallvr, god mat og drikke og godt selskap. Gikk p skitur bde onsdag og torsdag. Barna gikk p ski ogs, kjempeflinke! Det ble en del fall nedover bakkene men myk og ls sn, s ingen skader skjedd. De syntes det var s gy. Hadde en kjempefin tur. Her er bilder

Roadtrip to the cabin

The sun is coming

Winter wonderland


Donald Trump


They have their opinions at an early age.

They left me!

Da har kidsa forlatt meg for noen dager. Kjrte de til Vrnes tiiiiiiidlig idag. De reiste p fly alene igjen. Det gikk heldigvis fint. Tror de vokser p slike ting egentlig, blir litt mer trygg p seg selv og selvstendig. Selv om det er litt skummelt for meg. Aner ikke hva jeg skal finne p n. Starter med ta meg et glass vin ikveld.

We went to the movies again

The squad

She's soooo affectionate, I love it!!!! Enjoying it while it lasts!!

My little cutie!!

P Vrnes, ready for takeoff

Hello hello hello

Ingen click baits p denne bloggen serru p overskrifta..haha! Keeping it simple! Her lever vi godt alle 3, hverdagen har begynt igjen. MEN, n er det helg og da koser vi oss :) Orker som vanlig ikke skrive masse, ingenting super exciting som skjer p denne kanten av ingenmannsland egentlig. Kidsa skal til pappa'n sin i neste uke en gang da, s da aaaner jeg ikke hva mams'n skal finne p. Blir plutselig litt ensom da! Men, her er noen bilder...

Pizzabakeren, dinnertime

Dinner and a movie with the best dates EVERrrr!! :)

Snacks m man ha!


Team toothless

Why are car selfies always the best selfies??

So many selfies but never a bathroom selfie.. until now.. for the hell of it... Why are my hands huuuuge???!? Can you spot my man Steph thooo?!

Happy New Year!!!

Endelig et nytt r!! 2016 har vrt et rvva r p alle mulige mter egentlig, s jeg hper 2017 blir et mye bedre r. Krysser alt jeg har for det. Vi hadde en rolig og koselig nyttrsaften. Tante Camilla skulle egentlig komme og feire med oss, men pga jobb ble det ikke noe av det. S da var det bare snuppene og jeg som lagde kalkun p 6 kg..haha! Nok mat! Veldig godt da. Fikk se noen raketter ogs selv om vi for tiden bor der ingen kunne tro at nokon kunne bu. Gikk inn i det nye ret med de 2 snuppene som betyr aller mest for meg da, og de som har klart f meg gjennom 2016! :) nsker alle et godt nyttr!!

Haha! Gotta have faith tho!!


Verdens roligste jul. Vi har tatt livet med knusende ro denne jula. Var en tur p besk til farmor/oldemor andre juledag, og i gr var vi p familieselskap p Brekstad til tante Karin. Der var det en del slektninger vi ikke ser s ofte, s det var veldig trivelig. God mat og onkel Tore med sang og gitarspilling osv, og jentene fikk leke med andre kids. Ellers har det vrt sofakos, mat og litt trening innimellom spisinga! Godt med kvalitetstid sammen da :)


Familieselskap til tante Karin

God Jul

Da er julaften plutselig over. Vi har ventet og ventet, jentene mer enn meg visstnok..haha, og vips s er dagen omme. Vi hadde en veldig koselig dag da. Vknet tidlig for pne julesokkene, det er alltid stas. S Askepott osv p TV. Mandel (chillintt) i grten....haha..glemmer alltid kjpe mandel s ungene vet at det blir en eller annen form for ntt i grten, men hvilken type varierer alltid. Elissa fikk den i r. Vi dro p julemiddag til Tonje m fam. Supergod mat og trivelig selskap. Nissen kom ogs :) Etter det dro vi hjem igjen og pnet gaver her. Jentene ble veldig fornyd og lekte med alt av leker til rundt kl 23. Da var mamma stuptrtt, s vi gikk la oss sammen alle 3. Rolig og fin feiring. I dag er nok en rolig dag. Har en plan om se Warriors kamp ikveld, hipp hipp hurra! Ser fram til det! Hper alle har en fin jul!

Ayana mtte p nissen p Coop p lillejulaften og fikk hele 3 gaver :)

pning av julesokk-gaver


Chillintt i grten ;)

Vi ble sliiiiiten vi to!

Long time no see IGJEN

Var kanskje p tide med en snartur innom her med litt bilder da. Vi 3 er egentlig veldig klare for jul. Alt av gaver er innkjpt og pakket inn og juletreet har vrt pyntet siden begynnelsen av desember n. Jentene har skikkelig nedtelling og vi gleder oss alle 3 til sitte i nattisen p julaften og spise godteri og se Askepott. Tradisjoner :) Vi skal p middag til sss Tonje p julaften, ser fram til julematen!! Nam nam! Hadde pinnekjtt til middag p lrdag, s vi har startet jula allerede egentlig. S godt da! Hper alle har en flott frjulstid. Hper vi snakkes snart ;)

Grandma lagde luer og skjerf til jentene. S ste da!

Elissa har begynt p skyteskole

Elissa og Ayana tok flyet til/fra Oslo helt alene i november. Flinke jenter!

Kevin og Elissa lager pepperkaker hjemme hos tante Tonje

Nettopp vrt i bursdag til ei venninne

I don't know what I did, but from the looks of it I did something wrong...haha

Mer pepperkakebaking

Lucia i bhg

Pizzadate while Elissa was at a birthday party

Snart helg :)

Vknet til sn idag faktisk. Merker det blir fort mrkt ogs. Klokken er halv fem og allerede nesten helt mrkt. Litt koselig er det jo, bare s synd denne mrketiden varer s alt for lenge. Ellers er alt som vanlig her hos oss 3.

Lite naboer p Fosen. Haha. Mer snop til oss da. Men det ringte p dra hele 2 ganger, til sammen ca 8-9 kids.

Cuddletime is the best time :)

No teeth!!

Snow this morning!


I gotta have a pic to remind me what I looked like at this age when I'm old and gravity hits even harder..haha..

She's a star

The world ain't ready..haha


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36, Trondheim

Kommer fra Trondheim. Har 2 jenter. Elissa og Ayana, de fineste jentene jeg noen gang har sett <3. Pappan Antonio kommer fra San Diego, CA. Blogger mest fordi at mine engler skal ha noe se tilbake p nr de blir eldre. En moderne utgave av en "barnebok" med bilder og tekst osv som aldri kan brenne bort eller forsvinne i flytting osv. Kommer ogs med mine egne tanker, sinte utbrudd ( haha ) osv. Alt kommer ann p dagsformen til mams. Haha :)



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