Summer 2017 part 1

As always, been too long since I updated. The summer is almost over so I thought I'd post some pics from the summer. I probably have to do more than 1 post, but at least I'm starting now. The kids started off their summer in Oslo with their dad. I went to Crete with my sister for a week. After that I pretty much just waited to get my babies back. Lonely without my loves! They had a great time with their dad this summer though and that's all that matters. They've been home with me for a month now and we've had an awesome time together. They have fallen in love with fishing after getting lessons from my dad and uncle. Fishing poles are on their wish-list. Here are some pics:

Off to Oslo they went

First day in Crete

Facetime with my crew

Me and sis in law Linn at Tonje's birthday


My nephews with their grandpa

The day before I get my BABIES back! T-town

Ready for dinner with my bestie

FINALLY, they came back!!


Spent the day in Trondheim with my sister Aina and her daughter Kamilla

At the hotel

Sooo cuuute

Back in Fosen

Coolest kids

Had some bad weather before weeks of sun arrived

With Morfar


The Fam!

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