Winter break

The kids just had a week off from school. The olympic games were on our TV alot. I’m a sports-junkie, so we did spend some time watching that. Kinda happy it’s over now! We did do other things too, a few pics to prove it are on the way. We had a great time together and I love having a bunch of cuddle-time and late mornings with my fave two people!

Pizza-date with this one while Ayana was at a birthday party

We love our walks!

Bowling! Always leads to drama tho, cause there can only be one winner......

We are manifesting a trip to Bora Bora here. Umbrella-drinks and all!

Pool-time (until we make it to the beach on Bora Bora)



Before and after...

80’s disco queen. Dress up in school today

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35, Trondheim

Kommer fra Trondheim. Har 2 jenter. Elissa og Ayana, de fineste jentene jeg noen gang har sett <3. Pappan Antonio kommer fra San Diego, CA. Blogger mest fordi at mine engler skal ha noe se tilbake p nr de blir eldre. En moderne utgave av en "barnebok" med bilder og tekst osv som aldri kan brenne bort eller forsvinne i flytting osv. Kommer ogs med mine egne tanker, sinte utbrudd ( haha ) osv. Alt kommer ann p dagsformen til mams. Haha :)