The girls and I finally went on a girls-trip a little while ago. Well deserved if I have to say so myself. The girls have been going on vacays to their dad and with their dad, but it’s been a few years since the 3 of us went on a trip. We had an AMAZING time in Mallorca, an island outside of Spain. The hotel was PERfect for kids, the weather was perfect and we couldn’t be happier. On the planeride back to Norway, Elissa had tears falling down her eyes and I asked her what’s wrong and she said I don’t wanna leave Mallorca, Mallorca is my best friend That pretty much sums up how awesome our vacation was. We spend time together every day, but it was nice to get away from the get up early for school, homework, handball practice etc and just enjoy some quality time together somewhere else. They were perfect travel-buddies and I just pray we can take trips like this every year from now on! I am blessed beyond measure with these little lovebugs. I know I gave birth to them but they literally give me life!

Just landed in Mallorca.

Girls-trip. La familia. Just the 3 of us. Quality time

They were in the pool ALL the time. Half human half fish. Mermaids :)

Going out for dinner ever night. Could not have had better company! Blessed!

My lovebugs! How blessed amI ??!!!

By the hotel. Our spot


Old town

Elissa trying to run away, does not wanna go back home

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36, Trondheim

Kommer fra Trondheim. Har 2 jenter. Elissa og Ayana, de fineste jentene jeg noen gang har sett <3. Pappan Antonio kommer fra San Diego, CA. Blogger mest fordi at mine engler skal ha noe se tilbake p nr de blir eldre. En moderne utgave av en "barnebok" med bilder og tekst osv som aldri kan brenne bort eller forsvinne i flytting osv. Kommer ogs med mine egne tanker, sinte utbrudd ( haha ) osv. Alt kommer ann p dagsformen til mams. Haha :)