Swedish meatballs!

One of Elissa's fave! :) Antonio is coming tomorrow night! Yay!! Can't wait!! Angels/terrorists are sleeping. I'm posted on the couch with my guilty pleasures ( reality shows ). Got my babies some new outfits for daycare today. They are so excited, or Elissa is, don't think Ayana understands what it is yet. Other than that our day has consisted of the normal stuff...gym, eating, playing etc... Now, back to my shows!

So freakin cute!!!

mAn I love my babies!! Even though they really drive me crazy sometimes!!


Min frste post fra ny mac. Juhuu, endelig slipper jeg alltid mobilblogge. Gjort det i 4 mnd n! Kan begynne ta bilder med vanlig kamera igjen ogs, har ikke giddet det siden jeg ikke har hatt en plass laste de opp. I dag har vi endelig ftt trent igjen etter noen late dager p Fosen. Godt for kropp og sinn! Vrt og handlet inn barnehagesekker til tuppene som begynner i barnehage for frste gang p mandag og onsdag. Det blir spenende det :) De var s fornyd med sekkene, lp ut av butikken med hver sin sekk p ryggen fr jeg i det hele tatt hadde ftt betalt. Gikk ogs til innkjp av Justin Bieber CD til tuppene for ha i bila. Boyfriend gr p repeat for si det snn. Det var alts slutten p min musikk i bilen! Jaja, happy kids = happy mom :) Noen bilder fra dagen:

Gone fishing!

We went fishing today. Fun @ sea! Flicks:

Ayana and aunty Tonje


Still on the countryside. We spent the night at my dad's "farm" from saturday to sunday. Yesterday we went to my sister Tonje and her fam's cabin. Still here, going back to the city tomorrow. Gotta go to another showing. Been to a few, but no luck so far! It's sooo hard to find an apt for rent in Trondheim. There was a fire and an apt complex burnt down a month or so ago. That means about 40 families are looking for new homes as well as the rest of us. If we can't make it happen out here I guess we'll move to Oslo instead. Wherever we can find an apt first that's where we'll move to at this point. I just gotta check to see if there are any available daycare spots in the Oslo east area.


This has been a pretty long day to say the least.. LOTS of nagging and testing of my patience from specially Elissa. She didn't go to bed until late last night cause she slept in the car as well as I think this was my "punishment" for not being with her for a few days. Temper tantrums like crazy!! I'm sooo happy both my little terrorists are sleeping right now!! Gotta say I look forward to Antonio's arrival as well, share the joys and pain ;) They are cute as can be and behave like little angels when they want to, but when they get in their little moods all hell breaks lose. Hoping for a brighter and better day tomorrow after a good night sleep! In between temper tantrums we had nice moments though. A few pics:

That look... Lol!

My baby's back!!

My Elissalovebug is back!! Was sooo good to see her and hug her and kiss her today. As soon as she came back we drove to the countryside. So here we are, at my grandma's place with my sister Aina and her fam. My grandma (my mother's mom) lives at the old folks home, so we gotta go see her there one of these days. Elissa and Ayana loves to go see her. Running around and melting all the old people's hearts. I've never been super excited to go to any kind of institution myself, but we gotta do what we gotta do :) I just gave Elissa a bath now and BRUSHED her hair. That hadn't been done since she left us on monday so she really looked like a little mountain troll when she came back..haha ;) Ayana is sleeping and I'm posted on the couch too full after too much tacos and too many cupcakes. Good thing I work out as much as I do or I would have been HUGE!! Lol. Gotta take a long nice walk tomorrow. Fresh countryside air! A few pics:

On the ferry. She was singing "baby baby baby aaaaah" at the top of her lungs.

On the road... Almost there..

At the local store dressed like a local person..lol.. Found some green crocks to match with my red jacket and grey sweats ;)

Crazy mountain troll


Some pictures from today. Can't wait to see Elissa again tomorrow!!!! We miss her!!!!!!

New shoes today

Mountain Girl

My sister sent me these two pictures of Elissa today. She's with them at their mountain cabin. Enjoying her time there, they drove to Sweden for some shopping today. No crying for mommy. She just said "mommy and Ayana are home" "Elissa at the cabin". No stress. Can't wait to see her again!!! We most def notice the lack of her presence. Can't wait to see the reaction when my girls see each other again, they've never been apart for more than a few hours before. Ayana is taking full advantage of having her mommy all to herself. Wanna sit on my lap at all times! It went fine at the daycare at the gym today though. It was the first time there without Elissa, but no problem :) Soo proud of my trolls!!

Little miss Diva ;)

I miss you mamas!!!!!

Mandag og ettbarnsmor

Etter trening i dag ble Elissa hentet av tante Tonje, onkel Tor og sskenbarna Daniel (11) og Kevin (6). De dro p hytta p Tynset, s n er jeg ettbarnsmor i noen dager. Veeeeldig rart!! Elissa gledet seg til hyttetur, deilig med litt miljforandring :) Ayana og jeg fikk besk av Camilla i ettermiddag. Koselig som alltid det. N hper vi bare at det blir Trondheim p henne ogs etter hvert ;) Har ikke snn enorm til blogglyst egentlig, men leste litt i arkivet fra bloggen min som faktisk er 2!!! r og det inspirerte meg til slenge inn et innlegg. S utrolig gy lese/se tilbake p. Man husker dager og opplevelser som man kanskje ellers ville glemt. Veldig glad n for at jeg startet med dette. Hper prinsessene mine setter pris p bloggen nr de blir eldre ogs, er aller mest for deres skyld jeg gjr dette. N skal gamlemor soooove :)) Nattinatt

Friday and saturday

Yesterday and and today the girls and I have spent some time at my sister Aina's after our gym session in the morning. Had tacos for dinner over there yesterday and brownies for dessert. Today they went to the countryside, so I made homemade pizza for the 3 of us. Just put the kids to bed, they were both knocked out within minutes. We've just been chillin', eating, showering etc etc at the house for the last few hours. I'm about to do laundry and just relax before I join my cuties in bed. Enjoy your saturday peoples!

Pics from this morning!


Today the girls and I met up with Camilla, Line and her 2 daughters. Then we all drove a little outside of town to see our friend Linda and her beautiful house. Beautiful view that I forgot to take a picture of as well as a beautiful location. Everything was pretty much beautiful, word of the day :) Here are some flicks:

Line's cuties

They loved this little playhouse!


Etter Stor ettersprsel om oppskrift p knekkis ( les: Charlotte ) s legger jeg den ut her: 2 dl havregryn, 2 dl kruskakli, 2 dl sammalt rug, 2 dl solsikkekjerner, 2 dl linfr, 2 dl sesamfr og ca 1 liter vann. Rra skal vre bittelitt rennende. Bruk bakepapir p 2 stk vanlige stekeplater (?) ( fikk hukommelsestap et yeblikk, heter det stekeplater? Lol.. Langpanne kanskje det heter? ) Fordel halve rra p hver av langpannene. S jevnt og tynt som mulig. Stekes p ca 180 grader. Tid kommer ann p hvor tynn de er samt ovnskvalitet. Ca 45 min-1 time. Sjekk nr de blir harde. Veldig enkelt egentlig. Kan godt taes ut av ovnen og slenges inn igjen senere om man finner ut at de ikke ble s harde som du nsket. Lykke til! Anbefales p det sterkeste! :))


N holder jeg p lage "verdens" beste knekkebrd...igjen. Sss Tonje som lrte meg. Har nesten ikke spist annen brdmat siden jeg kom hit i april.S godt og s enkelt! Og sunt er det ogs!! Favorittplegg for meg er brunost. Rop ut om du vil ha oppskrift ;)

My loves

Haven't taken aaaany pictures lately. Bad bad bad! The girls and I had a great time at the indoor pool area yesterday. Elissa turns into a little fish when she gets into water, splashes and jumps into it fearless. Not a typical black girl afraid to get her hair wet.. Lol ;) Ayana loves it too, she's just not as crazy as Elissa the daredevil. So yesterday was an awesome day. Had dinner at my sister Aina and we returned "home" happy and full. It's been a beautiful day today. Aina watched the girls for a little bit so I could work out. The gym's daycare was all booked, so I'm happy she could watch them so I could get my gym-fix for the day;) The girls are doing good these days. Even though they are testing each other more and more. Ayana may not look like her daddy, but she sure acts just like him.. Haha... She gets into her little A-hole mood where she just wanna push our buttons. Specially Elissa's. Pinching her, stealing the paper while Elissa's drawing and running off with it. Elissa is no angel at all times either though, so it goes both ways. It's just funny to observe them interact and see their different personalities. Ayana doesn't only have her dad's a-hole tendencies, but also a great sense of humeour. She makes Elissa and I laugh all the time, a little comedian. It's just in her, entertainer. Even though it's hard with 2 girls full of personality and opinions it's great watching them grow up. They are both very affectionate and I get a LOT of kisses and hugs during the day. That sure makes up for the times they are in their gremling-mood and testing me and my patience. Couldn't me more in love with them. I'm blessed. Wish I had pictures to post too, don't really like blogging without flicks, but figured I had to just update a little bit anyways. Pix coming soon! :)

Hei hopp!

Liten update: N er vi tilbake p saupstad igjen etter ha vrt noen uker hos sss Aina i nyveilia. I helga hadde jeg barnefri og var hjemme helt alene i Lia:) Digg! Barna var p helgatur til Fosen sammen med tante Aina en dag og morfar og bestemor p Oksvoll en dag. De var med flere av sine sskenbarn hele helga, s de har kost seg masse tror jeg. Det var koooos se de igjen i gr da, nusse litt p stisene. Jeg var ute en tur med gamle kompiser p lrdag. Det var stas! Har ikke hengt med de snn ordentlig p flere r, s det var p tide. Jeg drakk som vanlig litt vin og koste meg, kom meg p trening p sndag da, s da sier det seg selv at jeg hadde full kontroll p lrdag:) Synes bare det er s deilig vre litt sosial uten barn innimellom, kan jo faktisk ha lengre samtaler da! Fikk sovet en del og catchet up p mine guilty pleasures ogs (les: reality tv shows ). I dag har vi "flyttet", trent, spist kylling og couscous, sett p regnet, tegnet, butikk++...akkurat det samme som de fleste dager egentlig! I morgen skal vi p pirbadet med tante Aina og Kamilla. Gleeeder oss! Har aldri vrt der fr jeg, men tror det blir stas til bde meg og jentene. Bade bade bade! Skal prve f tatt noen bilder. Forresten, om det er noen der ute som vet av leilighet til leie i Trondheim SR med min 2 soverom, roooop ut please!!!



33, Trondheim

Kommer fra Trondheim. Har 2 jenter. Elissa og Ayana, de fineste jentene jeg noen gang har sett <3. Pappan Antonio kommer fra San Diego, CA. Blogger mest fordi at mine engler skal ha noe se tilbake p nr de blir eldre. En moderne utgave av en "barnebok" med bilder og tekst osv som aldri kan brenne bort eller forsvinne i flytting osv. Kommer ogs med mine egne tanker, sinte utbrudd ( haha ) osv. Alt kommer ann p dagsformen til mams. Haha :)